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Mandrake is the Best

flattCody, a wiry 8-year old with ADHD, was not a happy camper. Although he was cooperative with the guides, he looked very sad and avoided interacting with the other boys on the trek. He didn't even join in the game of hide and seek at the campsite after dinner. Instead, he sat on a log near the meadow where the llamas were grazing. Occasionally, he walked over to stroke the neck of "his" llama, Mandrake. Then, Cody was overheard talking softly to Mandrake. He told Mandrake how miserable he was since his parents decided to get divorced. Because they had sent him to camp for the whole summer, he couldn't even talk to his sister or his grandparents. He talked for a long time, eventually sitting cross-legged in the grass next to Mandrake, who was lying down quietly chewing his cud. The next day, Cody led Mandrake over some tricky stream crossings and seemed interested in the deer tracks the campers found on the trail. He spent the next evening in the meadow talking to Mandrake. During the final day's hike back to the trail head, Cody walked alongside one of the guides. He told her that he thought that his llama was the best one in the herd. When asked why he thought so, Cody replied, "Because Mandrake is the best listener."

Cody had the opportunity to have this experience only because of the generosity of donors to Challenge Adventures. Organizations and other agencies that serve children like him do not have funds for therapeutic adventure activities. It costs less than $100 per day per child. Our expenses are low because licensed therapists donate their time. Become a donor today so we can reach more children like Cody.


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