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Participant Responsibilities

In the wilderness, there can be no avoidance of responsibility to self or community without immediate, natural consequences.

Everyone learns to belong to the group because nothing can be accomplished without working together. In the wilderness, getting from one place to another and simple survival are real accomplishments which are obvious and hard bought.

The participants take turns carrying out five different jobs. These are:

  • The Scout: leads the group with compass and map

  • The Environmentalist: makes sure that no damage is done to the environment and leads an environmental discussion each day

  • The Recorder: keeps track of important events, like seeing an eagle

  • The First Aid Assistant: assists if first aid is necessary

  • The Safety Person: leads the discussion of what is the safest way to do things when a problem arises

Participants also choose which of the three permanent work crews they want to be on:

  • The cooking crew

  • The water crew

  • The llama picketing crew

Participants are part of a personal crew - their tent mates. Tent mates put up their tent, keep track of group equipment and look out for one another.

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