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Our Wilderness Methods

The Challenge Adventures program sets up a series of practical problems that must be solved for the trip to continue. The route taken is chosen to present a number of such problems, each of which can be solved in several ways. The trekkers, under the guidance of the therapists, have to decide how they are going to solve these problems. These experiences develop initiative and teamwork, and increase the self confidence of the trekkers.

The CA program is a unique model of short-term therapy that fits within the continuum of services for young people. The specific approaches that CA uses are:

  • a journey through the remote Wilderness Areas which provides isolation from the rest of life and a chance to rescript one’s story

  • low key, continuous guidance from licensed therapists, which assures personal, internal safety without too close an involvement

  • the relationship between each participant and his or her llama, which allows for a non-threatening attachment bond.

This experience all occurs within the context of a treatment plan which incorporates the CA wilderness journey at the right moment.

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