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Meet the Challenge Adventures Llamas

DON DIEGO is the herd leader of the Challenge Adventures llamas. He is six years old. The job of the herd leader is to be alert for danger. He warns everyone if there is something dangerous around. He then gets between everyone and the danger. Don Diego was born near Hillsborough, NC. He is a little stubborn, but is always ready to take care of everyone when he has to.  Meet Diego!

DAVY is Don Diego’s half-brother. They have never been away from each other. They were born just two days apart. Davy is learning to be the herd scientist. The herd scientist is very interested in everything around him. He is always looking for something new to show everyone. It might be a new flower or a bird or a pile of poop on the ground.Meet Davy!

SPECKLES is from central Georgia and is 13 years old. He used to be the herd leader. But he decided to quit that job and become the spiritual leader when the old spiritual leader retired. He makes sure the other llamas follow llama rituals. When a llama dies, it is Spekles who brings all the other llamas over to the body. He has everyone sit in a circle around the dead llama for awhile. They then get up and one by one lean down and breathe into the dead llama’s nose before leaving him. He also makes sure the llamas take turns staying awake at night to watch out for one another and the humans. Meet Speckles!

BRITT is Speckles half-brother. He is 12 years old. They were raised together in Georgia. They came to live with the Challenge Adventure llamas when they were three years and five years old. Britt is the trail leader. The trail leader is the llama who the other llamas trust to be in the very front. The trail leader remembers how to get places. He has to have a good memory and know how to go across streams and over and around obstacles like logs and rocks. Meet Britt!

FLATT is a rescue llama. He is 14 years old. He is from Waynesville, NC. Flatt was a rough llama when he was younger. He has a torn ear from having been in fights. But he got better and is very nice now. He and Scruggs were unintentionally neglected and left in a field for a long time. Mr. George offered some money to the owner to take them to live with the Challenge Adventures llamas. Flatt is the herd Best Boy. That means he looks out for other llamas who are sick or injured. Meet Flatt!

SCRUGGS is Flatt’s friend and we think his half-brother. He is also 14 years old. He is just deciding what his job will be in the herd. Scruggs is a lot like Flatt. He has a torn ear also. It took him awhile to catch on to the idea of carrying a pack. He likes to stay by himself a lot. Meet Scruggs!

JOSHUA is new to the herd this year. He is just two year old yet, so is not carrying a lot. He is from Virginia and has not found his place in the herd yet.

WALKIE is Joshua’s half-bother and the same age. He has never been apart from Joshua. He will be learning a lot this year with the help of the other llamas and his human friends.

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