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Challenge Adventures treks are designed to help people overcome self-defeating behaviors and create a new narrative for themselves based on a positive life experience. That life experience is composed of time spent on National Wilderness areas in the company of llamas trained as therapy animals and guided by volunteer, licensed guides, educators and therapists.


The self- defeating behaviors can be social, psychological, or environmental. The relationship of the trekker to the llamas is a metaphor for their relationship with other humans. The wilderness journey is a metaphor for the trekker’s journey through life. Living in the Wilderness is a metaphor for being part of the natural world. The professional staff on the journey help the trekkers use the metaphors to change themselves. The trekker is able to discuss her issues and discover her own resolutions.

The Journey

The journey includes hiking with llamas in the high mountains of North Carolina and tent camping in mountain meadows. We will be walking 3-8 miles each day on mountain trails. We will go as fast as the slowest person in the group can go. The therapist/guides and the lead llama will decide how fast that is. We will stop and rest as often as we need to. Each participant will learn about backpacking, setting up camp, and getting along in the woods. The participant will also learn about teamwork and more about themselves and other people in the group. Most people find out that they can do a lot more than they thought they could.

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