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Forms and Information

Age: We work with youth beginning at age 8 and will work with adults of any age who are physically able to carry out the journey.

Group size: Seven young people or family members, two therapists (one of yours if possible) one support staff and seven llamas in the wilderness and up to fifteen total people outside the Wilderness.

Duration: The trips duration depends on the needs of the group. Generally they are from two to six nights. The program operates primarily during the summer months, with limited bookings available in spring and fall.

Gear: All food and gear for participants are provided (such as tents, sleeping bags, ground pads, backpacks, water bottles, mess kits, stoves, etc for therapy groups. Other groups must supply their own sleeping bags and pads. Everyone is required to wear/bring appropriate clothing and shoes or boots as listed on the recommended clothing list and the season of the year.

Transportation: Groups are responsible for their own transportation to and from the trailhead. (Click here for directions to Black Balsam parking area). The trailhead is off the Blue Ridge Parkway near Waynesville, NC for most, but not all, trips. You will be given detailed directions upon confirmation.

We want to make your outdoor experiences as pleasant as possible. To do this, everyone should understand what to expect and what to bring with them. All participants should read  Trail Do's and Don'ts, the Helpful Hints and the clothing and equipment list. Please bring everything that is on the list and do not bring items not listed.

All participants must complete and return the health form at least two weeks before the beginning of the scheduled trip. Parents or guardians must give signed permission on the health form for us to obtain emergency treatment for minors.

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